Track and showcase your digital collectibles

TokenHead is your mobile gateway to the digital asset (NFT) world where you can browse all your virtual items easily and quickly.

What are digital collectibles?

Digital collectibles, often called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are discrete items you can own on the blockchain. They are typically digital trading cards or game items, but can be so much more.

Sy Clops

"Sy Clops" Collector's Edition card, from GPK by Topps.

Bounty Hunter

"Bounty Hunter" epic hero game item from Dark Country.

The Wizard

"The Wizard" legendary card from Blockchain Heroes.

The Tenth Level

"The Tenth Level" base card from William Shatner.

TokenHead is powered by WAX, the #1 virtual item blockchain in the world, developed specifically for NFTs.

TokenHead Mobile App

Our free mobile app, designed for collectors, was created with simplicity in mind. Enter your public WAX account name and your NFT collection will be value-tracked and browseable. Additionally the app offers the following features:

  • Browse digital assets including Garbage Pail Kids, KOGs, and many more.
  • Filter items by category, rarity, quality, etc.
  • Quickly display gaps in your collection with our advanced tools.
  • Show off rare items by easily sharing them with friends.
  • Track the value of your collections with up to the minute pricing data.