The most popular NFT app

TokenHead is the best way to organize all of your WAX NFTs and balances in one place. With features geared toward collectors and sellers you’re always a step ahead.

We've joined Funko!

TokenWave, the developers behind TokenHead, has teamed up with Funko, the leader in pop culture content, to bring the wildly popular Funko Pop! style into the world of NFTs. With Funko's expertise in physical goods combined with TokenWave's knowledge of blockchain and NFTs, we're set to disrupt the way the world collects both digitally and physically.

NFT 101

NFTs are unique digital items that let you easily verify authenticity. They are powered by blockchain technology similar to Bitcoin. Typically NFTs are digital trading cards or game items, but can be so much more. TokenHead is powered by WAX, the #1 virtual item blockchain in the world, developed specifically for NFTs.